What is a Lash Curl and which is Best for Me?

What is a Lash Curl and which is Best for me?

It's your first time getting lash extensions and you are beyond excited that the day has finally come! After looking at countless pictures online and all your friends who have lash extensions, you hope that your lashes look just as AMAZING! During your consultation with your technician, and you are faced with the question, "which curl would you like?"...

Now your stumped... What's a J, JC, B, C, D, and L Curl and which would look best on me?
Don't worry.. hopefully after reading this post, I will help clarify any questions you may have so that on the day of your appointment, you can relax and know your in good hands!


Break it Down!

What is a Curl?

In Lash Extensions, there are a number of curls to choose from. To put it simply, the letters are merely a representation of the depth of a curl. So, depending on which curl you choose, your extensions will appear more or less curved. Almost like when you curl your lashes with a lash curler, some lightly curl their lashes for a natural swoop, while others really work their curlers for maximum curls!


J Curl
This curl will elongate you natural lashes, but will not provide very much curl at all. This lash is ideal for those going for a more natural look. It's not often used because it tends to look too natural.

JC Curl
This curl has slightly more curl than J and is closest to our own natural lashes. Ideal for those going for more of a natural look and is a popular lash for this reason.

B Curl
This curl will give you the added lift while still staying fairly natural. 

C Curl
This curl is perhaps the most popular in the sense that it provides the lift of a lash curler to open up the eyes. 

D Curl
This curl adds more lift than C curl for added definition and sweep. 

L Curl
This curl has a flattened base to better adhere to natural lashes and provide maximum lift.


3D-Volume-Individual-Blink-Tray-Lash-B-C-D-J-Curl-0-1mm-False-Eyelash-Extension copy.jpg

Based on Eye Shapes

J, JC - Ideal for round or prominent eyes because the natural curls will balance out the eyes for better harmony. Also good for people wanted a very natural lash look.

B, C - These curls are a happy medium and work with most eyes.

C, D, L - Ideal for hooded, monolid, deep set eyes because the curls will open up your eyes to create a brighter, wide eyed look. This lash is also good for creating a more dramatic, defining look.

Bottom Line:

Lash extensions are really exciting but if it's your first time, it can be kind of daunting. Hopefully this post helps you understand the basics of lash curls and remember, lash extensions are essentially a form of makeup! Have fun, experiment with different styles, lengths, and curls, and if you find you don't love them, you can always switch things up at your next fill in! Also keep in mind, lash technicians are your best friends. Feel comfortable to sit down, discuss your needs, and have them recommend something for you if you are unsure. They have worked with hundreds of eye shapes and lashes in their years of experience and would happily suggest something that will have you leaving feeling amazing!

Stay beautiful everyone! Until next time!





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