What is the Perfect Lash Length for Me?


There are countless lash lengths to choose from for extensions that typically range from lengths 8-15. Depending on where you go, some will have more or less, but this range is pretty standard anywhere you go. Whether your new to extensions or you've been getting them done for years, length is a great way to experiment with different styles.

Typically Lash Lengths fall within the ranges of : Short, Medium, Long, and Very Long.

  • Shorter than 8 - 9 : Short (Very Natural, typically for inner corner lengths)

  • 10 - 12 : Medium (Natural Mascara Look)

  • 13 - 14 : Long (Long for a little extra oomph!)

  • 15 and Above : Very Long (Dramatic Glamazon)

The Lengths above and its descriptions are a general rule of thumb, but depending on your eyes, these lengths can look longer or shorter than it does on others with the same lengths. So, how do you know which one is best for you?

It comes down to 4 Factors!

1) Your personal preference - Are you a Natural, Dramatic, Flirty, Professional, etc person and what do you want your lashes to reflect?

2) Your natural lash's ability to support the weight - Some people love going super long and dramatic which is great but it’s important to take your natural lashes into consideration. Communicating with your technician about your natural lashes and its ability to go that extent is crucial to maintaining your natural lashes’s health so that you do not find damage in the long run... no one wants that!

3) Your Natural Lash Length - Our natural lashes are also a great indicator of what lengths would flatter us most. Those with naturally long lashes may find a length 12 or 13 for example to be the perfect natural length, but those with lashes that are shorter may feel 10 or 11 to be  ideal. It all depends on you and your natural lashes!

4) Eye Shape - Eyes come in all shapes and sizes and depending on them, lash lengths will look different on every eye. For example, some have more deep set eyes and may find they need to go for a longer length than someone with prominent eyes to get the same natural look, because the lashes need to go a further distance from root to surface to really show. This is often the case with hooded, mono lid, or deep set eyes. In contrast, those with large, prominent, or protruding eyes may find that going a little shorter can be more flattering. Refer to the chart below to find out your eye shape.


What's your eye shape?


If your ever unsure about length or eye shape, don’t be afraid to ask the professionals who will be working with you, They work with hundreds of eyes and they will be able to suggest a flattering length for you! I hope this post helped you understand what lengths are available in the market today and what lengths may best flatter your eyes and style. We aim to deliver lash extensions that are individually tailored to provide you with the lashes of your dreams... as you should!

Lots of Love,

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