What are Lash Extensions?



There is a lot of buzz surrounding eyelash extensions in media today. We see extensions on everyone from the average person on social media to celebrities and we have to wonder, is lash extensions right for me? This post will break down what lash extensions are, its maintenance, and its ability to fit into your lifestyle to judge if it is the right choice for you.

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What are they?

Lash Extensions are synthetic or real hair fibers that are adhered individually or in multiple pieces to one's individual lashes. Most often, it is bonded with glue which is formulated for use around the eye area. Depending on your technician and where you get them done, lash extensions are applied to each eye in terms of pieces. Typically anything under 80pcs per eye will provide you with a more natural look, whereas 100pcs and above per eye will provide you with a fuller, more voluminous look. All this however is a general rule of thumb and is subject to change depending on your eye size. The smaller your eyes, the less pieces are needed to achieve a full look and vice versa for those with larger eyes.

How do I maintain them?

Typically lash extensions will last 5-6 weeks in its total life cycle. This means that as the weeks pass, your lash extensions will start to fall off as the glue wears with time. This is normal and by week 2 or 3, most people will need a "fill in" or "touch up" to fill in any gaps that may have formed in the time that's passed. However, we want to maintain the lashes for as long as possible to feel as though we are getting our money's worth... am I right? You can extend the life of your lashes in a couple ways. 

1) No oil based products on your eyes because the emollients will break down the glue, thus causing your lash extensions to wear faster.

2) Don't get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after getting them done so that the glue has time to fully set.

3) No steam for prolonged periods of time.

4) No rubbing, tugging, or picking at your extensions. This seems obvious, but as your lashes wear, you may find stragglers and you will feel an urge to "fix" it. Wait until your next appointment for a professional to remove those lashes without damaging your own. 

5) When washing or removing makeup at the end of the day, no excessive rubbing or wiping. Going around the eye area with a cleanser and using a oil free makeup remover on a lint free swab is the best way to keep your lashes clean and hygienic while keeping your skin clear.

Are lash extensions the right fit for my lifestyle?

Lash extensions are a beautiful option for those who have always wanted long, full eyelashes but were never able to achieve them with mascara alone. Extensions are incredibly versatile and can be tailored to provide you with a very natural mascara look to a full on glam, dramatic look. Whatever style you choose, people love lash extensions for its convenience. It cuts down the time in getting ready in the morning and provides you with the freedom from wearing mascara and its annoying smudges. They also frame your eyes like no other and unlike strip lashes, are for the most part weightless and comfortable. But, with all the positive qualities that come with lash extensions, you must ask yourself if your willing to take the extra time to take care of them. If the maintenance sounds do-able and worth the benefits, I'd say lash extensions may be right for you. However, if you love the feeling of rubbing your eyes or you can't be bothered with the extra steps of removing your makeup at the end of the day, maybe lash extensions is something you may want to think further about. Also, if you are really into extreme sports such as surfing, where you will need to wipe the water from your eyes as you try to catch the next wave, lash extensions may again be something you may want to think further about because they require you to be a little more gentle.

Hopefully, you found this post helpful in answering any questions you may have had about lash extensions and whether it is the right option for you. Personally, I love them and I honestly can't imagine myself without lash extensions because of the ability to wake up and go in the morning. For me, the time saved in looking polished in no time is worth the maintenance. I took a break and went back to my lash curler and mascara that was hyped on the web for a bit to see if i'd like it. Having spent the extra time in the morning to do so to see that by mid-day my mascara was smudged along my under eyes was enough for me to know that lash extensions are for me. Make your best judgement and don't be afraid to trial and error because nothing is permanent and if you find you don't like them, you can simply take them off. :)

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