Lash Extensions


lash extensions

Eyelash extensions are individual strands of faux lashes that are expertly adhered to each natural lash with a special medical grade glue. They are applied to the eyelash itself and are never in direct contact with the skin.

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Flat Lash

They are incredibly soft to the touch making them an ideal choice for lash extensions. With a hollow center, they are the lightest in weight, thus making them the best option for someone looking for lashes that feel like their own: comfortable, weightless, and soft. In structure, this lash is flattened at the base making these the perfect lash to provide one with length and volume right at the roots. Versatile in nature, they can provide any style ranging from a very natural lash to a full on dramatic look. Available in countless lengths from 8-16mm, you can be sure to find lashes that you will love. Simply put, these lashes are incredible for those who not only see value in having long, full, beautiful lashes, but also in a comfortable lash that feels like one’s own. 

$160 (80pcs)

Russian Volume Lash

This lash is created when multiple lash extensions (2-6 hairs) are hand made into a fan and adhered to one individual lash. What separates this lash from others on the market is its ability to create massive volume. Given the choice of different pieces, looks can vary from natural volume to glamorous volume for lashes that are universally flattering. Using lashes that are .07mm, these lashes are incredibly lightweight and feel as comfortable as that of Classic eyelash extensions. Russian Volume lashes can be tailored for anyone, including those with naturally thin or sparse lashes as they can create maximum volume and drama without putting too much weight on natural lashes.

$280 (120pcs)

Super Mink Lash

Mink lashes are a lovely lash for those looking for a natural extended look. These lashes are ideal for those with a naturally full foundation of lashes, but are in search of extensions that will give them length. They will provide the wearer with lashes that look to be their own, yet accentuate the eyes with beautiful length. Ranging in sizes from 8-16mm, they can be tailored to give one just the right amount of extension they desire to achieve the look they are looking for. Completely matte in finish, these lashes are the ultimate lash for natural girls who like to keep people guessing on whether their lashes are their own.

$160 (80pcs)

Luxury Volume Set

The Luxury Volume set combines the best of both worlds. Creating a foundational layer with the individual classic lashes of your choice, volume lashes are placed in between to create a natural, voluminous look. Using a mixture of classics and Russian Volume, these luxury volume lashes are more versatile to create the lashes of your dreams. They can more easily be tailored to create the styles and lengths of your choice, and is an ideal option for those who love the longevity of individuals but crave the volume of Russian lashes. Lightweight and feathery soft, your eyes will feel as though nothing is there!

$200 (100pcs)

Touch Up or Fill ins

*From date of last appointment*

1 Week (0-7 days)

Super Mink   $29

Flat Lash   $29

Luxury Volume   $39

3D Russian Volume   $49

3 Week (15-21 days)

Super Mink   $55

Flat Lash   $55

Luxury Volume   $65

3D Russian Volume   $75

2 Week (8-14 days)

Super Mink   $49

Flat Lash   $49

Luxury Volume   $59

3D Russian Volume   $69

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